Plantabbs is the supplier of quality products for some of the most prestigious aquatic collections in the world, including the International Waterlily Collection. They trust us. You can too.  

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Pondtabbs Jr Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

PONDTABBS® JR. is the same formula and is approximately 20% the size of regular PONDTABBS® This product is designed for use in marginal and other small aquatic plants that require less fertilizer.

Pondtabbs Landon Aquatic Fertilizer

Pondtabbs Landon Aquatic Fertilizer is a combination of both organic and inorganic ingredients that work in conjunction with one another to create spectacular results.

Pondtabbs Plus Humates Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

Pondtabbs Plus Humates increase the availability of the nutrients in the fertilizer making them easier for the plants to take up.