OASE Easy Garden Control

With the OASE Easy Garden Control (EGC) system you can fully control OASE EGC products in and around your pond on your smart phone or tablet. Futhermore, the EGC products can be networked with the OASE Cloud so you can control your EGC system from anywhere in the world.

The heart of the OASE EGC products is the new EGC Controller Cloud, which enables the control of up to 10 EGC devices (pumps, filters or lights). The connectable OASE devices iinclude the AquaMax Eco Expert filter pump, The Aquarius Eco Expert water feature pump, the pump-fed ProfiClear Premium Compact drum filter and the ProfiLux Garden LED RGB spotlight.

In addition to controlling EGC products, the system provides feedback concerning operational status, power consumption and overall performance diagnostics. This data can then be analyzed, formatted, and stoerd on the OASE Cloud. If any technical or performance problems occur, the homeowner will receive a notification so they can resolve the issue immediately.

An investment in the OASE Easy Garden Control (EGC) system is an investment in the future.

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