Aquatic Plant Products

Get the most out of your aquatic plants with aquatic plant supplies including fertilizer tablets, liquid fertilizers, aquatic plant containers and aphid control. Aquatic pond plants add beauty to the water garden and they also play and important role in water filtration, removing ammonia and nitrates from the water and keeping algae growth down. offers many easy solutions to get your aquatic pond plants growing as they should. We carry products for planting and caring for aquatic plants from growing pots to fertilizer tablets to keep the plants healthy and blooming.

Our pond plant supplies include growing pots and lotus containers that contain no holes for water lilies and lotus. Aquatic Planting Media is specially formulated for aquatic plants and won't polute the pond. Plant baskets allow for plants to get nutrients from the water without losing the planting media.

Contact us today for more information about our pond plant supplies for aquatic plants.

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