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Anjon Monsoon Pumps

The unique design of the Anjon Monsoon Asynchronous series makes it an ideal choice for fountains, waterfalls, and smaller ponds. An energy-efficient electromagnet is sealed in an epoxy-filled housing. The drive shaft and electromagnetic rotor are recessed in the motor housing: near silent operation and extremely low operating cost.The high flow, energy-efficient hybrid drive technology combines the high flow characteristics of a direct drive pump with the energy-saving efficiency of a mag drive pump. The intake screen prevents clogging while passing solids up to 0.25 inches. The asynchronous drive motor can be controlled with a variable speed controller (not included) that permits you to increase or decrease pump flow as needed. Impeller passes solids up to 0.25”. Engineered for 24-hour continuous use, overload sensor prevents burnout. Contains no oil, completely safe for fish, wildlife and aquatic plants

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